Gamified learning in Google Classroom

Bossfight is an application developed by Online Partner together with Insert Coin that easily integrates gamified learning into Google Classroom. Bossfight consists of several modules with tools that allow the teacher to create, implement and follow up gamified learning elements. Thanks to the integration with Google Classroom, gamified learning becomes a natural part of the teachers and students daily work. Bossfight is boosting motivation and participation among students and encourage them to take control of their studies to achieve their knowledge goals.

The benefits of gamification

  • Teachers receives information related to the students activities in Google Classroom
  • Motivates students to access “flipped classroom” material
  • Motivates students to practice and rehearse for exams
  • Strengthens students ability to take responsibility for their own learning
  • Provides teachers with insights of what works for different students
  • Customize lessons according to individual needs
  • Gamified challenges
  • Promotes student attendance at school
  • Give self-motivated students the opportunity to develop at their own pace
  • Provides automated feedback when students need it


Stronger commitment with gamified learning

Bossfight is not about playing games during school hours, but about how cognitive science, pedagogics and psychology together can improve student learning and knowledge through stronger engagement and fulfillment from studies in school. With playful learning, Bossfight creates positive feelings about studying, which helps the students to increase their commitment and satisfaction with their own work.

Gamified learning linked to the curriculum of the school

By linking Bossfight’s tools and modules to the curriculum of the school, learning elements can be adapted to each student’s level of knowledge and prerequisites. Particular attention can also be paid to factors that many students experience as negative, such as concentration difficulties, stress, low self-esteem and worry. Experience shows that gamified learning activities helps students develop strong self-leadership and motivation to take control of their learning.

Teachers tool to improve students’ school performance

Bossfight is made up of modules with tools that teachers can use to create, implement and follow up gamified learning elements. Because Bossfight is fully integrated with Google Classroom, gamified learning can become a natural part of teachers and students’ daily work where different teaching and learning methods can be mixed. For example, reviews, conversations and lectures can be followed up with gamified tasks and examinations where students receive automatic feedback and positive reinforcement.